The Treasury Bench

The Revolutionary Settlement gave the Commons control over finances and legislation and changed the relationship between the Executive and the Legislature. For want of money, Sovereigns had to summon Parliament annually and could no longer dissolve or prorogue it without its advice and consent. Parliament became a permanent feature of political life.[9] The veto fell into disuse because Sovereigns feared that if they denied legislation, Parliament would deny them money. No Sovereign has denied royal assent since Queen Anne vetoed the Scottish Militia Bill in 1708.[10]

From Wikipedia – Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

Unfortunately the long process that left Parliament supreme over an unelected crowned head of state is going to have to be repeated for an unelected head of government.

The prorogation of Parliament under the dual electoral system would go as follows. Either the Government or Opposition House Leader makes the motion of prorogation before the House of Commons. After debate the House in regular session would vote on the motion and it would need an absolute 2/3 majority to pass namely 411 out of 616 in this Parliament. The standing in the House from the last election with the top two candidates would be 238 Conservative, 200 Liberal, 104 NDP, 66 Bloc, 5 Green, and 3 independents. It would take the Conservatives with the Liberals or the Conservatives with all other members to prorogue this parliament.

Depending on exactly what was on the order paper I would of voted yes on a motion of prorogation for a 30 day suspension. My opposition is not to the prorogation of Parliament but that it is done on the whim of the Prime Minister of the day!

Barry Aulis  Compton-Stanstead Qc


About Barry Aulis

Founder and acting President of the Federalist party of Canada.
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